Immigration, Policy, and Politics (SP2019)    Evaluations    Syllabus

Human Rights (SP2019)    Evaluations    Syllabus

International Conflict (SP2019)    Evaluations    Syllabus

Politics of Human Migration (FA2018)      Evaluations      Syllabus

American Foreign Policy (FA2018)    Evaluations    Syllabus

Human Trafficking (SP2018)  Evaluations    Syllabus

Introduction to International Politics (SP2018)   Syllabus

Global Human Rights (FA2017) Syllabus       Evaluations

Sport, Policy, and Politics (FA2017)   Syllabus     Evaluations

Global Human Rights (SP2017)    Syllabus     Evaluations

Human Trafficking (SP2017)  Syllabus     Evaluations

Introduction to International Politics (SP2017)  Syllabus  Evaluations

U.S. Foreign Policy  (FA2016)    Syllabus     Evaluations

Sport, Policy, and Politics  (SP2016)    Syllabus    Evaluations

Introduction to International Relations (FA2015)   Syllabus   Evaluations

American Government   (SP2015)   Syllabus    Evaluations